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Being fashionable and trendy is usually associated with wearing what’s utterly new. And not surprisingly, what comes to mind when many hear the words, “Vintage Clothing”, is a dusty store jam-packed with hand-me-down clothes. However, a simple glance at celebs with ultra-glamour and bold sophistication as Beyonce, Rihanna, Thandie and their likes is bound to call for some perspective re-thinking. Going vintage and leveling with the styles of those stars, besides making you look super glamorous, can seriously save you some bucks. In fact, when compared to high fashion, vintage clothing offers a much better quality for a cheaper amount. Obviously, the price tag for the vintage pieces worn by celebrities is way out of everyone’s league. The good news is that, thanks to these celebrities vintage is fashionable these days, which means that in order to look good and follow this season’s fashion trend, we can either dig through our closet, search in pawn shops and second hand stores or visit a free-classifieds site.

If you still think such a fashion is the thing of the past, and is just not that trendy, then take a good look at the list below featuring 5 black celebrities from pop stars to actors and athletes, who have earned world-class stunner title for their fashionable vintage styles.

1. Beyonce

Beyond her mind blowing musical and dancing talents, Beyonce’s effortless glamor has equally gained her fame for style credentials. The diva doesn’t just go for new knock off trends, but her fashion sense is amazingly diverse and usually includes vintage wardrobe and accessories. Her music videos such as “ Why don’t you love me” portray a true vintage inspiration. So do check it out.
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2. Rihanna
Rihanna’s ever-changing style had made the world go wow. The singer has significantly impacted the fashion community with her choice of clothing inspired from the 90s, and of course, her obvious obsession for vintage fashion ranging from chokers to stunning earrings and sunglasses.

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3. André “3000” Benjamin
The singer from OutKast had said many “I’m sorry’s” to Ms. Jackson , but not a single apology does he have to say for his sense of style. To achieve his eclectic vintage fashion vibe, he goes for bowler and newsboy caps, neckties and patterns from back in the days.

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4. Thandie Newton
As part of her motto to lead an eco-friendly lifestyle, the flawless British actress is certainly not a newbie to vintage fashion. Thandie has in many encounters said that her visits to a vintage store has always made her question the very reason why we ever bother with buying brand new things.

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5.Dwayne Wade
Besides owning the game at the basketball court, Miami Heat player is busy making slam dunks in the fashion sector. His style is clearly vintage inspired, as the athlete is usually spotted wearing neckties, super retro glasses, old school vests, and finishes off the look with a pocket squares.

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So bottom line: Celebs are chasing after vintage stores in search of a style that perfectly depicts the classical elegance of the past. Many celebrities, following the likes of Rihanna and Beyonce, have joined the ride to being a vintage fashionistas. So instead of simply thinking that vintage styles are totally out, why not get explorative and challenge your personal style with vintage fashion, and see how else you can spice up your wardrobe? You might just love it.
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