10 Nigeria Billionaires you never heard of by Douglas Imaralu

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VENTURES AFRICA – There are super rich Nigerians you never get to hear about. Business is booming in the oil-rich West African nation and its entrepreneurs are thriving. According to World Bank’s Nigeria Economic Report, Africa’s second-biggest economy, with an estimated population of 170 million, has achieved an annual growth rate of about 7 percent. […]

“Child Not Bride”: Nollywood actresses Stephanie Linus and Liz Benson fight against child marriage and abuse in their upcoming movie “DRY”

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  Last week’s constitutional review concerning the amendment of section 29 did not leave the Nigerian public speechless. In the wake of the senatorial conference, people started protesting against child marriage. Nollywood actress Stephanie Linus also reacted to this outrageous law. In her blog stephaniedaily.com, Stephanie expressed her support for the #ChildNotBride campaign and also […]

Conflicting Child Marriage Issue Discussed at the Constitutional Review Committee

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Yesterday, members of the Nigerian National Assembly sat to discuss the issues on the proposed constitutional review. One of the major issues disputed was the removal of part B of section 29 of the Nigerian Constitution which states that any married woman shall be considered of full age. Needless to mention that the first part […]