“Child Not Bride”: Nollywood actresses Stephanie Linus and Liz Benson fight against child marriage and abuse in their upcoming movie “DRY”

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girls not brides  Last week’s constitutional review concerning the amendment of section 29 did not leave the Nigerian public speechless. In the wake of the senatorial conference, people started protesting against child marriage. Nollywood actress Stephanie Linus also reacted to this outrageous law.

In her blog stephaniedaily.com, Stephanie expressed her support for the #ChildNotBride campaign and also released a teaser of her highly anticipated movie “Dry” featuring Liz Benson.

“At this critical juncture I am now compelled to release the unofficial (raw footage) videos of my upcoming movie, “DRY” to galvanize support from Nigerians and the International community for the revocation of the Senate resolution on under-age marriage.  It’s time to lend your voices and share your thoughts. We need to protect the girl child from incessant abuse. ” Stephanie wrote in her blog.

Below is the unofficial footage of “Dry”; please check it out and share your thoughts on this sensitive issue.


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