Conflicting Child Marriage Issue Discussed at the Constitutional Review Committee

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Yesterday, members of the Nigerian National Assembly sat to discuss the issues on the proposed constitutional review. One of the major issues disputed was the removal of part B of section 29 of the Nigerian Constitution which states that any married woman shall be considered of full age. Needless to mention that the first part of the law considers a person as of  “full age” if he or she is “18 and above”.

Many members of the committee were in favor of the removal of the clause but one, Senator Yerima (former Zamfara Stage governor) who, as a Muslim, voted against this proposal, pointing that it counteracted the Constitution and the Islamic law about marriage.

“The Constitution says that the National Assembly shall legislate on marriage except those under Islamic rites.” says Senator Yerima. “Islam says once a woman is married, she is of age.”

A second vote was then made given the importance of this subject, and yet the Senator lost his request as 60- 35 senators opposed him. However, the clause is still in effect since a two thirds (2/3) or 73 senators’ vote is needed for an amendment to pass.

Below is a report made by Channel TV. Please do share your thoughts and comments about this issue.

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