African Celebrities with the Craziest Stans (Fans)

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Move over #rihnavy (Rihanna) #beyhives (Beyonce) & #barbz (Nicki Minaj), African musicians now have a crazy “stan” base that rivals American celebs. According to urban dictionary, a stan, based on the central character in the Eminem song of the same name, is an overzealous maniacal fan for a celebrity.

As African music rises in popularity from the shores of Zanzibar to the alps of Switzerland, the fan base of Africa musicians has risen and it seems that the level of CRAY is increasing as well. These stans are pledging their allegiance on social networks like Twitter and instagram and the African celebs they idolize are soaking up the attention. Check out 1TribeRadio’s top 10 celebs with the craziest stans.

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10. 2Face


Twitter Handle: @2Baba010

Twitter Followers: 55,000+

Fan Base Nickname/Saying: 2 Baba.

Craziest Fan Moment: Angry fan Amina wrote an open letter to 2face complaining that he did not have his wedding to Annie Idibia in Nigeria. In the letter she states, “With your spirit of wickedness, you carry your wedding to Dubai so that Nigerian fans will not eat rice or cake or drink your mineral or even our local beer.”

9. Iyanya


Twitter Handle: @iyanya

Twitter Followers: 125,000+

Fan Base Nickname/Saying: Desire

Craziest Fan Moment: Iyanya female fans usually get crazy at his shows. One fan at one of his recent show was pulled on stage and smooched Iyanya in front of everyone. Can’t wait to see what will go down in Houston April 19.

8. R2Bees

R2Bees Fan

Twitter Handle: @r2bees

Twitter Followers: 88,000+

Fan Base Nickname/Saying: R2BeesNation / Ra-ta-ta-ta

Craziest Fan Moment: @ghweezy also known as R2bees.till.i.casket shocked Ghanaian music bloggers when he tattooed R2Bees across his forearm guess it’s not that surprising with a name like R2bees.till.i.casket.


7. MI Abaga

Mi tweet

Twitter Handle: @MI_Abaga

Twitter Followers: 267,000+

Fan Base Nickname/Saying: Chairman

Craziest Fan Moment: Last July, MI asked his fans to deal with an anonymous person who was allegedly sending lewd messages to a friend of his. He provided the person’s phone number and his fans had a field day with that.

6. PSquare

P Square tweet

Twitter Handle: @peterpsquare and @rudeboypsquare

Twitter Followers: 360,000+

Craziest Fan Moment: Earlier this year, a PSquare fan claimed that the duo’s popular song ”Oyinye” woke him up from a coma. Wowzers!

5. Don Jazzy

Twitter Handle: @donjazzy

Twitter Followers: 470,000+

Fan Base Nickname/Saying: Don Baba J

Craziest Fan Moment: Last year, a Don Jazzy female fan sent the famous producer her nude pics but the not-so-smart girl mistakenly sent it to a fake don jazzy account.  Chai!

4. D’Banj


Twitter Handle: @iamdbanj

Twitter Followers: 515,000+

Fan Base Nickname/Saying: Kokomaster

Craziest Fan Moment: Last December, thousands of “kokomaster” fans walked many miles to watch D’Banj perform at his annual kokoconcert even though the show was streaming live online for free. The walk now known as the “endurance trek” was from Victoria Island to Eko Atlantic, a part of reclaimed land from the Atlantic ocean. Fans who were able to drive close to the venue reported being stuck in traffic from 2 am until 7 am the next morning.

3. Tonto Dikeh

Tonto & fan

Twitter Handle: @tontolet

Twitter Followers: 180,000+

Fan Base Nickname/Saying: #poko

Craziest Fan Moment: Sometimes we don’t know who is crazier, Tonto Dikeh or her fans. A female fan last year got a huge tattoo on her back similar to Tonto Dikeh’s. Tonto tweeted the pic and said “I am honored.”

2. WizKid 


Twitter handle: @wizkidayo

Twitter followers: 543,000+

Fan Base Nickname/Saying: #starboy

Craziest Fan Moment: This tweet from WizKid fan @bosstemms just shows the mentality of some of WizKid’s female fans. Can we say groupie?

1. Davido


Twitter Handle: @iam_davido

Twitter Followers: 300,000+

Fan Base Nickname/Saying: #hkngang

Craziest Fan Moment: Ghanaian groupie, Sonia La Bom got herself expelled from school by taking a picture of her and Davido in bed while he was sleeping and releasing it. Another fan took a similar picture of her licking his arm, kissing him and posted it on twitter. Guess 15-second twitter fame is more important to some of these chicks than their education.



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