Dj Shinski

Hailing from Nairobi, Kenya, Dj Shinski was introduced to a computer deejaying at the age of sixteen and since then, he found his true passion. He is inspired and driven by big-time deejays but also tries to create his own unique Shinski style.

When he moved to the U.S, Shinski slowly developed his talent by going out to clubs/parties and would collaborate with other DJ’s at work. Coming from one loaned dj controller from a friend and one speaker in his room, he began making mixtapes which received a lot of love and in no time gained a name for himself in Houston, TX.

Shinski got his first break into the club scene when he first deejayed at a club called Identity Bar, in Houston Texas, that his friend was hosting. The crowd was overwhelmed with the fresh new talent that he delivered on that night. Ever since then, his skills and abilities have made him receive worldwide recognition. He is multicultural, crosses national boundaries, music genres and appeals to a large audience group.

Naija Overdose Mix Vol. 2


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