Roundtable with Faozy


Join us on Saturdays at 11am central time for the Roundtable with Faozy, It’s a live fun show that will focus on most topics that affect us all, like celebrity news, music, movies, Fashion, sociopolitical etc. Check out a brief autobiography of our host below.

About the Host

Hi guys! My name is Faozy Aminu your host for “Round Table with Faozy”. I am a senior at the University of Houston. I’m a 20 year old Nigerian American trying to make it out here. I started out with the whole media thing when I was 17, I had my first celebrity interview and it was with Wiz Kid. I was just having fun and doing it just because. Then I started getting approached and people started asking me if I did radio or anything like that. From then on, I knew it wasn’t a fun activity any longer but apparently, a talent.

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